Carracolo: admin abuse

Pilou42, 10 tygodni temu


I'm sorry to bother you with me limited english but I just was asked to leave your ctf server some minutes ago, then muted by SG Carracolo. When I asked him why, he said because I was "a cheater, banned on SG servers".

He is right, I've been banned when they had servers. Reason ? "radar" then when they were unsure: "sarcastic". These guys...

I think it's obvious I don't use a radar. I don't feel like I'm a smart player. I don't do strange kills. It was just Kalish rage (known rager despite being an old developer and having contributed to UrT). I think a lot of Polish members know me and know I don't cheat (and I never even tried once).

So please, can you tell Carrracolo that he does not have to use his admin rights to do his own (stupid) justice. Thanks in advance. If in Polish, you can leave a message to Sze. He is my personal assistant.

Obrazek użytkownika KJT
KJT, 10 tygodni temu

@Paulaaaa @Sp00Fy

ogarnijcie tego swojego admina, bo to wstyd zeby taki glupek rozdawal bany na prawo i lewo :)

Obrazek użytkownika szejdi
szejdi, 10 tygodni temu

Normal people still play on polish servers? Lmao

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rastablaster, 9 tygodni temu

Hello Pilou42, good game :)

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Paulaaaa, 8 tygodni temu


Hi Pilou, I am really sorry for what happened to you in our server. I was away for last month due to the private stuff. In the next 2/3 days I should be able to be active in online things like that so I will deal with this problem. I am really sorry for a delay in resolving this issue but I didn't have any possibility to check what is going on. Same other server admins on our server.
Give me 2 more days and I will unban you and talk to Carracolo what is going on. Without any proof he can't ban people...
Hope to see you soon in our server and play with you! :)


Yep... but I wouldn't say 'on polish servers' because there are no many except our I don't know any actually... but there are people who play in our, Wazznet server. Recently maybe less because we were inactive but last month it was quite a popular among public servers players server.

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Pilou42, 8 tygodni temu

Thanks for this detailed answer.
I've not been banned. Just muted. But it was enough to piss me off since it was innapropriate (for this time). :-)

Btw, once when the map changed (to terrible Casa I think), it was impossible to connect. We had an error message like "weapon 39 not found", don't remember exactly).

Tbh, there are no true good CTF server. They have either lags (and it's not my connection or my config) or they have trolls they can't deal with. So I have no problem if there are lots of admins. It's just that they must kick/ban those who ruin the game, and not make it personal with a player. I'd like this server to be popular, but for now it's not the case during the week. He's in my fav list so let's hope it will be the reference one day.

Obrazek użytkownika Paulaaaa
Paulaaaa, 8 tygodni temu


Thank you for kind words referred to our server. It is so nice to read that. I hope the same that one day there will be more players in the server. Maybe (if you do not like Casa map) have any ideas or you would like to play some maps I can upload to the server? Just let me know :) This week I will try to talk to Carracolo because I have a possibility to connect game and ts again so I hope there won't be any problems with that in the future.